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Named after the mountain nymph and daughter of the river, whose knowledge of herbs was remembered by the poets, this nourishing and enriching cleansing oil will leave your skin feeling full, cared for and deeply cleansed. Moisturising oils of jojoba, camellia and blackcurrant combine with nurturing plant extracts of marshmallow and rosemary to support our skin and help remove impurities without disrupting our skin’s microbiome. This cleanser is essential oil extract free and is scented lightly with the natural sweetness of lavender. 

Daughters Of Flowers Oenone Cleansing Oil with Summer Lavender, Marshmallow Root

  • The ritual ~ Massage 10-20 drops onto dry skin for 30 seconds, including the eye area and neck. Follow by gently pressing with a hot face cloth, holding in place until it cools. Repeat as many times as desired. This process will help infuse the powerful nutrients into the skin, opening the pores and aid in releasing impurities and debris. Use the cloth to gently wipe off the remaining oil. We like to follow with mist and serum, to tone and moisturise.

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