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This beautiful whte jade l hair and body comb has existed in China for decades,  the Chinese believe that using the gua sha comb on the scalp and body not only helps stimulate acupressure points for health and wellbeing but also creates lovely silky smooth hair and skin, it is considered a beneficial practise to utilise in your daily self care regime.


For use on the body -

First, apply water or your favourite body oil to any part of your body and start combing in downwards strokes this helps to get rid of any toxins and to decongest skin.

You can use either side of the comb, depending on how much pressure you want to create.  The combs can be delicate so always stand on a towel to protect the comb incase it falls & breaks.


For use on the scalp -

On dry hair, start your scalp massage at the front of your hairline. Using gentle pressure, make short strokes brushing the scalp back down to the base of your skull. Continue down the side of your hairline brushing the comb on your scalp from the front to back. After every use gently wipe with a clean cloth. For deep cleaning, wash with soap and water and lay flat to dry. Use a pressure that suits you. 

Natural White Jade Gua Sha Comb

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