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Release facial tension & calm your mind with this therapeutic Lavender scented pillow.

Can be used hot or cold, used warm to help relax or sooth muscles or used cold to reduce swelling and relieve headaches.

The benefit of using flax seeds for the filling is that they are oleaginous, which means that they contain oil. This oil accumulates heat or cold and aids relaxation & pain relief.


The soothing Lavender and Flaxseed filled eye pillow can also  be used for 

- Yoga practise 

- Meditation

- Relaxation

- Aid natural sleep

-Stressed or tired eyes from phone or computer screens



Handmade Flaxseed & Lavender Eye Pillow (Colours may vary)

  • To heat-  Remove outer pillow case & place in the microwave for 1 minute to learn desired heat. Remove eye pillow & move the flax seeds around,  continue heating for a futher minute until it has reached the desired temperature. Comes in a small Canvas pouch for traveling with.

    To cool -Remove outer pillow and wrap in material, place in the freezer for 10-30 minutes. 

    The inner fabric is 100%  certified cotton & the outer fabrics is 100% Linen. The outer cover can be removed & washed on a delicate 30 degree wash & left to flat air dry, iron on a low heat. The inner pouch contains the flax seeds & Lavender &  is not washable.

    Please note colours may vary depending on stock.

    I  do not take responsibility for injury or damage from improper use

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