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About Me

So here's a little bit about me, why I trained to be a NLP life coach and how I can relate to that feeling of being stuck, unworthy & wanting more from life....


Before I met my Life Coach Ann Marie Ferris I used to have such a distorted view of myself, my mind was full of negative self talk & I had very little self belief. I would hear over and over that I wasn't good enough, I  felt trapped, undervalued and stuck. I knew I couldn't continue with this unhealthy relationship with myself and that I was living a life that I was just settling for because it was easy and comfortable. I knew deep down I was more than this, I knew it wasn't right to feel like everything was like an obstacle and that every day felt like a struggle.

After some time, patience & finding an amazing NLP coach I am now in control of my life, content and happy in my own skin and I truly love myself the way that I deserve. I have totally changed my life for the better and so grateful for all that I have, I saw for myself the power of NLP, knowing how the process helped me and changed my life ,I knew I wanted to help others.

Style-Selfology was created from my own journey & from my backgroud in beauty/holistic therapies aswell as my passion and obsession for fashion and trends. 

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