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About Me

So here's a little bit about me, why I trained to be a NLP life coach and how I can relate to that feeling of being stuck, unworthy & wanting more from life....


Before I met my Life Coach Ann Marie Ferris I used to have such a distorted view of myself, my mind was full of negative self talk & I had very little self belief. I would hear over and over that I wasn't good enough, I  felt trapped, undervalued and stuck. I knew I couldn't continue with this unhealthy relationship with myself and that I was living a life that I was just settling for because it was easy and comfortable. I knew deep down I was more than this, I knew it wasn't right to feel like everything was like an obstacle and that every day felt like a struggle.

After some time, patience & finding an amazing NLP coach I am now in control of my life, content and happy in my own skin and I truly love myself the way that I deserve. I have totally changed my life for the better and so grateful for all that I have, I saw for myself the power of NLP, knowing how the process helped me and changed my life ,I knew I wanted to help others.

Style-Selfology was created from my own journey & from my background in beauty/holistic therapies aswell as my passion and obsession for fashion and trends. 

Well Selfology Wellness & Lifestyle Store Front

About Well Selfology

Well Selfology offers environmentally friendly products, treatments and
workshops to assist in creating a calmer, happier self, home and work
environment for customers and the people in their lives.

Through its shop, online shop and workshops, it emanates care, warmth,
beauty and positivity.

The approach to nurturing these qualities involves creating a strong sense of
self-awareness and developing a community of like-minded people to further
enhance the well-being journey.

The journey, however, is continuous and results in feelings of nourishment,
happiness and peace.

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