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Confidence Booster

4 Week programme

The confidence booster is a programme designed for anyone who feels like they are lacking in confidence & drive. With proven NLP techniques and wellness rituals to help you fall back in love with yourself & help you to see the amazing beautiful being that you are. 

- Personalised coaching programme

- x 4 1-1 Coaching sessions by virtual Zoom. 

- NLP ( Neuro Linguistic programming) Techniques to help equip yourself to feel more capable, fearless & more confident from within. 

- A confidence booster wellness package that includes products and worksheets that will help compliment the programme.  

1-1 Coaching helps you ,transform, reflect and identify what's shaped your current reality. It will guide you towards making positive changes in your mindset and working through limiting beliefs, uncovering what’s blocking you from living and loving your best life. With the techniques and coaching I share with you, you will start to feel that undeniable confidence in yourself, feeling like you have your own inner strength and ability to handle whatever life throws your way. (The number of coaching sessions vary to each client) 1 hour per session. 

On going 1-1 Coaching

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