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A beautiful curated selection of products to nurture a mamma to be, a perfect gift to support her on her pregnancy journey. A beautiful, thoughtful set perfect for a baby shower gift. 


Contains kraft gift box


x1 Set of pregnancy & birth affirmation cards

x1 Soak Mamma Relaxation  blend bath tea (Suitable for pregnancy & beyond)

x1 Reflexology comb to support during labor 


"Motherhood is a beautiful reminder that you'll always feel like home to someone and someone will always feel like home to you"

- anon


Mamma To Be Gift Set

  • Reflexology Comb- 

    For Labour + Birth in pearl or tortoise shell made from eco friendly cellulose acetate (highly biodegradable) and imprinted with our signature Seasons of Mama mantra

    ~ Open, Soften, Surrender ~

    This is what we refer to as our “Secret Weapon” for labour/birth; an acupressure tool loved by Midwives, Doulas and of course, Mamas alike. She earns bonus points for being waterproof too, unlike timber.This natural and very effective pain management tool helps women in labour by activating Gate Control Theory. This asserts that when painful stimuli (such as a contraction) is felt at the same time as non-painful stimuli (such as with this “handy” acupressure tool - pun definitely intended) pain signals are then limited from reaching the brain.


    Relaxation Soothing Bath Blend -

    Ideal for pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, this restorative bath soak promotes deep rest & relaxation of the body, mind & spirit. Organic herbs & botanicals are hand blended with pure Ayervedic oil for a nourishing bathing ritual.


    Add 3-4 tbsp for a floral bath or add to bath tea bag for a mess free option


    Can also be used as a foot soak/scrub for a luxurious foot treatment.

    Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards -Self-affirmations are designed to help you literally re-program any limiting beliefs, negative inner narratives, anxieties and fears. In doing so, allowing you to actualize your dreams and your goals! Simply put, your body achieves what your mind believes, and these cards have been meticulously created to honour you where you are, while helping to guide you towards where you would like to go. A must for the hospital bag and for your preparations in the lead up.Display these in your locally handcrafted timber stand and change them as often as you feel called to or display them around your home, in places you frequent most (repetition is key to forge new neural pathways). Surround yourself in beautiful positivity and self-belief!The set includes 31 cards, each with their own hand-drawn illustrations, packaged in a Seasons of Mama branded calico bag!

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