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Reset and rebalance with this revolutionary massage tool

Body tapping is the ultimate way to supercharge your energy levels and has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


Use this Body Tapper Bamboo for


 - Invigorating self-massage  

 - Improves your circulation and energy levels

 - The bamboo body tapper is perfect for use before and after exercise for instant       muscle relief

 - Helps easing stiff muscles if you’re sitting at a desk all day

- Helps to clear areas of stagnation

- Helps to boost circulation & support lymphatic drainage


Hayo’u Bamboo Body Tapper

  • Length: 520mm / Diameter: 38mm / Made from 100% natural bamboo / Natural, biodegradable and renewable.


    It’s like a natural battery charger for the body.


    Please note:  Our Body Tapper Bamboo is hand made using only natural and environmentally-friendly products. Because of this we use a 100% linseed oil on the handle, which can feel slightly sticky at first. However, after a few weeks it will fade. This does not affect the quality of the product.

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