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Kea candle sculpture A column with a finely ribbed surface. Kea is also available in smaller sizes (Ios) or in a set (Kea & Ios) see sets. Information at a glance *


Hand poured candle * unscented * vegan friendly * Material: rapeseed wax and cotton wick * Dimensions: 5.5x23cm Have fun decorating! Notes: Please be sure to place the candles on a plate or tray that is large enough to catch the escaping wax.


Because of their unusual shapes and the rapeseed wax, it is normal for the wax to run down sideways. Please shorten the wick to 0.5 cm before each ignition. Never light candles unattended or next to highly flammable objects. The distance between two candles should be at least 10 cm.




  • Noma Studios Candles are hand-cast sculpture candles are decorative interior pieces. 
    The candles are cast from high-quality rapeseed wax. The classic and timeless cream white is the natural color of the wax.

    The vegetable wax is vegan and based on a renewable raw material.

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