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Durable bathroom accessory for your home spa experience.

100% natural, biodegradable, plastic free and vegan.

Perfect addition to showering and bathing with our natural soaps.


The advantages: > A bar of soap in the bag and you have a better grip in your hand

> The soap dries better by means of a cord for hanging. This means the bar of soap will lasts even longer.

> Massages and exfoliates the skin in one go.

> This makes a plastic-free bathroom so much easier! Because of it's so comfortable to use people won't even miss their plastic bottles shower gel.

Soap Saver | Sustainable | Natural

  • Packaging: Biodegradable, Plastic-free, and Recyclable • Product Materials: Biodegradable, Compostable, Nontoxic, Plastic-free, Reusable, and Vegan • Production: Cruelty-free, Ethically sourced, and Sustainably sourced

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