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An essential bundle of 4 head-to-toe products formulated for the delicate baby skin.

All 4 products are made with carefully chosen, natural ingredients to gently nourish, protect, and keep the skin hydrated and silky smooth.


The products are based on natural ingredients like avocado-, almond-, wheat-, and jojoba oil, all selections of nature's best oils to keep your baby's skin smooth and healthy. 

All 4 products are, like all our other products, AllergyCertified and without perfume and fragrance.

Our baby kit is delivered in an FSC-approved baby suitcase, which can be used for storage on the changing table, toys, or as the perfect suitcase for baby memories.

SoKind Dear Baby Skin Care Kit

  • The set contains

    Tiny Softness
    A nourishing Baby Lotion that, with natural nurturing oils from Almond, Olive, and Shea Butter, helps maintain the skin's natural barrier. It is gently formulated and contains vitamin E & Jojoba Extract, which has a soothing and healing effect on irritated skin and can be used both on the body and face.

    Little Miracle
    An extra moisturizing Cream for Nappy Changes, rich in natural and caring ingredients, so that all nappy changes are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. The cream contains Oat Oil, which ensures a healthy barrier and has an anti-inflammatory effect, while the natural emollient ingredients from Jojoba, Almond Oil, and Shea Butter care for damaged and dry skin. Can be used at every nappy change or when the need arises.

    Velvet Droplets
    A soothing Baby Oil with nourishing oils from Oats and Jojoba, created to protect and nourish your baby's sensitive skin. The organic and natural oils restore the skin's natural barrier and leave the skin feeling new and soft. The oil is used for baby massage and/or in the bath and does not need to be rinsed off after use.

    Bubble Time
    A soft, foaming Shampoo and Body Soap that contains nourishing oils from Oats and Jojoba. The mild formulation with oils and Aloe Vera ensures a mild cleansing for skin and hair, without having a drying effect. Bubble Time is formulated with a natural detergent extracted from Coconut so that it does not sting your baby's eyes.

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