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This voucher is for the amount of 10 Euro & is enclosed in all Self Care packages. It can be used towards an hour-long wellness & confidence coaching online Zoom session. Or if preferred an 1 Hr session to explain and give more detail of the Style Selfology Work Book if received. (Normal hour-long price per session 50 Euro).

When payment has been processed, I shall be in contact by Email to book the 1 Hr session by Zoom.

Style Selfology Self Care 10 Euro Voucher (Towards coaching session)

SKU: 364115376135191
  • As life coach who is certified in NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) and who specialises is Wellness & Confidence Coaching, it's my job to guide and help others in achieving their highest potential in all areas of their life. Helping to support and making clients accountable for their dreams and goals.

    During the sessions l use techniques, strategies and intuition to work with clients to release limiting beliefs, old negative patterns and feelings of self-doubt that are holding them back from the amazing life that they deserve. Working together to create a path from where they are to where they want to be.

    All programmes given are tailored to each client's needs.




  • Refunds are not given for this product. 

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