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Style, Wellness & Confidence Coaching

Working together to help you be your best version of yourself..


Do you feel stuck, scared of trying new things incase you fail, always feeling you are at fault? Confused with what path to take & never feeling good enough however hard you try...

Well you've come to the right place, I'm Roisin and I am a NLP certified confidence and well-being life coach. 

It's my job to make you feel supported, to show you all the amazing opportunities that life has to offer, that you are no longer stuck in your past. You have all the answers you seek from within, that you have the strength and power to write your new story. A story full of abundance, joy and contentment. By working together using NLP scientific techniques, styling & wellness tools and tips. I personalise and tailor make programmes depending on your needs and desires. Helping you to clear out old negative limiting beliefs that stop you from creating the life you want and deserve. We'll work together to create new healthy loving thoughts and change your mind set to feel positive happy vibrations that will lead you to a happier wholesome life. 


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Wexford, Ireland


Roisin has helped me build confidence in myself and my abilities again. I'm so glad I allowed myself this time to work with her as it's changed my life and outlook immensely. I now look forward to the challenges in my day as I feel confident in facing them.

— Stephanie McCabe

I was feeling in a bit of a rut, and decided to go with Roisin on a personal shopping day. It was exactly what I needed. I felt comfortable with her from the very beginning and still so pleased with the small but meaningful changes I made that day.

— Morgan Byrne 

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